Hot Cops

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From the back cover:
Why are cops so sexy? Could it be the buzz cut and chiseled jaw, those bulging thighs under tight blue serge? Maybe it’s the promise of punishment at the end of a nightstick. Or perhaps it’s the sheer pleasure of getting down and dirty with a law enforcer who seems more interested in the perp than in his crime. Hot Cops: Gay Erotic Stories explores the sexier, sleazier side of these masculine icons and working-class heroes from park rangers and policemen to MPs, security guards, and private dicks. Editor Shane Allison assembles stories from seasoned writers about the men who take ”protect and serve” literally. These sizzling stories pay homage to those irresistible hunks who keep the streets (and the woods, and a lot of other locales) safe - and sexy!

One reviewer wrote:
”Not for the faint of heart or easily offended, these edgy stories explore themes of power play along with darker emotions than you find in many erotica collections. Some stories feature couples (cops and their boyfriends/dates) playing with power for fun. Others feature real cops and inmates or criminals depicting real-world power differences, which sometimes includes interrogation or humiliation scenes.

The authors are certainly creative in interpreting the ”cop” theme: there’s much more than the usual ”cop pulls over a speeding car and has sex with the driver” sort of thing. You’ll find, for example, mall security guards putting on a show for a man arrested for cruising the mall bathrooms, Hawaii’s only out gay cop joining the mile high club, a male nurse seducing a sexy cop, a love triangle in a cop’s boxing club, and a full-time Dom-sub relationship between a cop and a former criminal.

Most of the stories feature a fair amount of plot and character development--so these are good choices when you want something a little longer and more involved. Expect to find a lot of fellatio and anal play, some bondage and masturbation, one story featuring gun and knife play, and a few stories where the Dom/sub theme plays a larger role than sex acts.”

222 pages. Edited by Shane Allison. 2007.

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