Hands-Free Lube Dispenser

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If you’re tired of wrestling with that slippery pump-top on your nightstand, or if you’d like to keep your favorite lube free of contamination, this elegant dispenser is for you! The nozzle automatically releases a sizeable amount of lube onto your hand or toy.

Want a lot of lube? Place your hand underneath the sensor and wait until it is finished. Just need a little? Place your hand underneath the sensor, then move your hand straight down when you have enough.

Note: Because the dispenser releases generous amounts of lube, users may need to experiment with their lube of choice to avoid getting too much at once (especially with silicone lubes).

Size: 7 1/2" high x 3" wide x 5" deep
Min Capacity: 40 mL
Max Capacity: 400 mL
Batteries: Requires 4 AAA batteries

To order or ask a question: 888-621-8880